Aptic and Capway are changing the market for invoice purchases and contract financing

Aptic and Capway have partnered to create a unique technical platform based on the market’s most modern financing system through acquired accounts receivable and contracts. The system features an advanced business intelligence tool linked to the solution that enables customers to easily follow their management and make informed decisions.

The teams from Aptic and Capway have worked closely together and through joint efforts have shortened the time from idea to launch solutions for financing invoices, invoice and account checking services as well as claims management, reminder and collection.

“Aptic was a natural choice when considering a partner as we both have experience of successful collaboration in previous operations. Aptic understands our needs and can turn them into functionality. The platform that Aptic delivers is constantly evolving, which suits us in a changing market,” says Alexander D´Afflitto, Capway founder.

The financial markets are changing at a furious pace based on consumer demands, expectations and available new technology, for example in the fields of real-time data and analysis.

“This partnership is exciting in many aspects because the core of Aptic is to enable the rapid development of products and services that drive the development of the market forward. We see our role as a facilitator of innovation in the Fintech area, both in terms of “time-to-market” as well as on the product and technology side. Together with Capway we can tackle challenges in the area where they are currently most present, ”says Knut Eirik Storsul, CEO of Aptic.